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Montage makers in Chennai

Daughters have always been their Daddy’s little princess. And every dad wants to offer the best to their daughter. Why not start with a beautiful montage film? Lately, we see, many Dads(apparently, Dad seems to be more in sync with the trend) have enquired for these montage films to surprise their daughter and take her through a lane of memories. You might have a set of memories with your daughter, but what about a movie with her? We know she is still too small to act, but with a series of images, we can help you make a beautiful movie out of it.

Check our recent montage “Baptism of Wendyl” we consider this as our best montage that we have ever shot 🙂

Montage films are film editing in which a series of short shots of videos or images are edited into a sequence to offer you with a beautiful movie. So, these small shots of happiness and joy will be converted into a movie that will last a lifetime. With melodious music, with a few messages on the screen, these movies can draw a magic of emotions in oneself. Usually, these montage films were mostly done during Pre-Wedding Photoshoots. We had seen lately we seem to be getting a lot of Video Invites via Social Networking Apps. These invites are a form of Montage films.

Want to surprise your daughter? Capture a few amazing memories with her and bring it to us. 4 Must-Have captures to make this montage movie a great one.

  1. The notorious daddy-daughter fun: However fun it is being around your mom, a dad is our key to all the fun and pranks at home. Capture the daughter-father duo to relive the prankster moment.
  2. None like a Dad’s hug: A dad plays many roles for her daughter. From being her best friend to her idol, it’s always a dad that stands firm next to her daughter. So, capture those warm and friendly hugs, because they are speechless and hold a lot of emotions.
  3. The Shopping Masters: Yes, believe it or not, but every daughter goes by the choice of her dad. Because her dad always wants her daughter to look as dear as she is. Capture those shopping moments to assure she’s her Daddy’s girl!
  4. Discussions and Discussions: An advice from Dad’s are always looked up for. We are sure, there might be arguments and discussions over topics, capture them to seem funnier in the future. Also, capture those moments where your father plays as your teacher and teaches you to learn how to ride and then drive.


You can also check out our best montage works here. These are just moments that turn into wonderful memories. The wonderful duo will always outlive the most by being there for each other. Bring these rejoicing memories and short clips of videos, and we’ll help you by converting this into a truly amazing movie. So, the next time you want to do something extraordinary, be the extraordinary dad by doing an extraordinary montage film.




Our popular montage hits 1000

Its almost a year since we posted Niramathi and Hari’s wedding film and we are happy to announce this has been our most viewed work in Youtube by a loooooong margin.

Though 1000 hits is a small number Youtube for an Indian wedding montage, we are still climbing the ladder in producing quality montages, check this out if you haven’t watched it yet and don’t forget to check out wedding film gallery here to check out our recent works.

Candid Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Photography in Chennai

Whether it is a wedding or an engagement, birthday party or anniversary party or any other celebration, candid wedding photography surely makes into the check list. Although candid photography has become a rage these days, still many people are not aware of this concept. Well, in simple terms candid photography can be defined as taking pictures from journalistic perspective. In other words, candid photography does not require the person in front of the camera to pose in a particular way. Shots are taken at random without the person being shot actually knowing about it.

In spite of being costly than traditional photography, candid photography is becoming increasingly popular. This is due to the fact that candid photography captures real emotions and sudden moments. Spontaneity and not technique is the focus of candid photography. Photographers do not have much time to set up their technical equipments or shot and have to capture shots very quickly. It is the candid photography which shows how good photographers are with their cameras.

Why People love Candid Photography?

Someone has said that you look more beautiful when you are being yourself. And, this is the reason, why candid photographs look very beautiful. Candid photographers capture the moments untouched, that is without any interruptions. There is now demand posing this way or that way, saying cheese or paneer. Pictures are clicked when people are being their true self. Interacting like there is no camera around them.

Why Photographers love candid Photography?

People love candid photography because it captures their natural expression and not those fake smiles. But more than them, it is the photographers who love this kind of photography. This is simply because they have the freedom to capture as many detailed pictures as they want. In candid photography, they have the opportunity to show their real photography talent as there are little or no technical equipments involved.

Why to Hire a Candid Photographer?

For the best candid wedding photographers in Chennai, Many people believe that there is not much difference between traditional photography and candid photography. The final products are going to pictures only. Well, as far the final product is concerned the statement holds true but not otherwise.

Candid photography means capturing shots without modifying the scene as per your convenience. For example, consider a wedding where you are supposed to perform some ritual. If there is a traditional photographer, he will ask you to look into the camera while performing the ritual and smile. As a result, your focus will be more towards the camera than ritual. Moreover, the smile which you will be giving is likely to be a fake one. But, this would not be the case for candid photography. Since, you will not know you are being shot, you will perform the ritual with full focus and whatever expression you will have will be natural. Now, you decide, which picture is going to look more beautiful. Natural one, isn’t it?

candid wedding photographers in ChennaiAlthough professional Candid photographers in Chennai are costly, still it is worth hiring because during any function there are so many moments that deserves to be captured in their pristine form. But, in the absence of a candid photographers, gets affected. Moreover, when you will look at the candid photographs even after years, they will give you true picture of those moments which will not be possible with traditional photographs. candid wedding photography in Chennai